Welcome to Jacobite Painting Services!  Although relatively new to commercial painting, I have been involved in wargaming for many years and my face is well-known on the Scottish wargames show circuit…

My own interests range from ancients through to present day conflicts and ‘what-ifs’ so I have have probably already painted figures from your era (apart from Napoleonic – never had any interest in them…).

I offer a table-top wargaming standard – personally I am not comfortable with museum standard, collectors pieces, viewed en-masse on the wargames table.

At 28mm (1/56th scale) we are effectively viewing figures at the equivalent of 200 metres so many smaller details are lost at this distance. 15mm is the equivalent of 300m!

Please take a look at the gallery for examples of my painting…


James has a style that is very gentle on the eye”  BH

“a top-drawer painter”  RM


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