Not a Pz 38(t)…

Those who know me know that I’ve always had a liking for the more obscure theatres and periods for my ‘gaming (those who REALLY know me just say I’m bloody awkward!!!).

I’ve always liked the little Panzer 38(t) and recently got the Warlord Games 3 pack plastic kit.

After some research I decided to finish them as Swedish Stridsvagn m41. This involves some minor modifications, but nothing too onerous…

Reverse the bow plate, so that the plain surface is to the front,

Remove the existing machine guns and replace with brass rod,

Turn the main gun upside down as the Bofors had the recoil mounted under the barrel,

Add an additional periscope to the right-hand-side of the turret top (I used a pair of ancient greek quivers from the bits-box),

Add a radio base and aerial to the turret,

Add a mirror to the front right-hand track guard,

Add a pair of spare road wheels to the engine deck just behind the turret.


Here’s the first one completed…



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